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Similan Islands Liveaboard diving with M/V WESTCOAST EXPLORER

Similan Islands Liveaboard Diving Safaris from Khao Lak - Thailand

A Liveaboard diving safari is the ultimate way to explore one of the Worlds top ten dive spots. If you are looking for the ideal way to enjoy a truly spectacular holiday that combines breathtaking topside scenery with fabulous underwater topography and marine life, then this one is for you.

 Similan Islands Liveaboard scuba diving with M/V Harmony | Scuba diving in Thailand

Liveaboard Diving - What is it?

For those not familiar with the term Liveaboard, it’s very simple - you eat on the boat, you sleep on the boat, and best of all you dive straight off the boat onto the top dive sites. What could be better for a dive fanatic? If that’s what you’re here for, it’s a divers paradise. But you don’t need to be a dive fanatic to also enjoy this kind of dive trip. You may prefer to mix your diving with a few trips to the beach, climb to the top of a huge pile of granite boulders for which the Similans are famous, or you may not even be a certified diver yet. This could be a chance to learn diving at one of the world’s top dive spots. The choice is yours, M/V Vilai Samut and MV Manta Queen can provide you with the diving holiday of your dreams!

Similan Islands Liveaboard diving with M/V Harmony | Liveaboard scuba diving Safaris in Thailand

Let the Scuba Diving Adventure begin:

Transfer to our liveaboard vessel approx. 19:00, then set out for the Similan Islands enjoying the late afternoon sun and hopefully a spectacular tropical sunset. Arrival in the Similan Islands is due at midnight, so after a good night's sleep in a comfortable cabin, you can expect to wake up to some truly spectacular scenery and the smell of a hearty breakfast cooking. During your Similan Adventure, the staff will take great pleasure in giving you our famous Thai hospitality, we know you want this to be the holiday of a lifetime, and that’s what we intend to make it. From start to finish, your comfort and safety are our top priorities.

Your first dive is traditionally in a relatively shallow and easy spot, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out. The aptly named Breakfast Bend is a gently sloping hard coral reef ideal for your first taste of the Similan Islands. Clouds of glass fish, bright red blue spotted grouper, big eyes and squirrel fish are waiting for you on your first dive. Watch out for garden eels on the white sandy bottom, and the occasional turtle or two. Then, during your four dives a day, including a night dive, be ready to experience a phenomenal range of aquatic creatures.

The Similan Islands is justly famous for its enormous range of fish species. From the smallest creatures such as shrimps and nudibranchs, right through to the larger pelagics, it’s fascinating to watch the natural cycle of who’s eating who unfold. But don’t worry, you won't be included, for the sharks you will see are passive reef dwellers like White Tip sharks, Tawny Nurse sharks and our personal favorites the Leopard Shark.

We, at Scandinavian Diveteam are proud of our strong policy of ecological protection, and ensure that these stunning underwater seascapes remain undamaged and protected for future generations of divers. We take only pictures, and leave only bubbles.

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Similan Islands Liveaboard diving with M/V Harmony | Liveaboard scuba diving Safaris in Thailand

Here is a typical day scuba diving on our liveaboards:

Dive 1 at 07.30. The first dive is what we call a check-dive. We will check everybodys air-consumption and experience and match our diving groups to satisfy everyones desires. Divetime is max. 55 min, with a 5 min. safetystop at the end of each dive. After most dives you will be picked up by the liveaboard or our dingy, so you have no long surface swims when you dive with us. After breakfast you will have 2-3 hours surface interval. You can visit the beach in the dingy, take a stroll on the pristine beaches, do a small jungle trek, snorkel the reefs, relax in your AC cabin or just chill on the boat with your new diving friends on your Similan diving adventure.

Dive 2 at 10.30. After your 2nd amazing dive its time for lunch at 12am. After lunch you can take a trip to one of the islands or just relax and enjoy the sun onboard. You can also go snorkeling near the boat since turtles often come to visit when we are moored up near the islands.

Dive 3 at 14.30. After the dive its time for snacks, fruit and drinks for the rest of the afternoon until the night/sunset dive. Snorkeling, swimming, or visit to the beach is also possible. We have a kayak onboard that you are welcome to use if you like.

Dive 4 at 18-19.00. Nightdive or sunset dive for those who wish. Dinner will be served at 20.00. then its time to relax and chat about the days diving with all your new friends onboard. We have plenty of fish-id books, so you can can learn more about the marine life you have seen during your dives. If you feel like watching a movie, then we have TV and DVD player onboard.

We dive 3 full days and on the fourth day we will do two dives in the morning before we start the cruise back to Taplamu pier where we arrive around Kl. 14.00.This will give you plenty of time to continue your travels around Thailand.

Similan Islands Liveaboard diving with M/V Manta Queen

What should I bring on a Similan liveaboard Safari?

You dont need to bring much, just a small bag will do onboard the MV Manta Queen. You can leave extra luggage and valuables in your hotel or in the divecenter.

Here is a list of of what you need onboard:
- Towel
- Light clothing such as t-shirts and shorts
- Sunglasses, maybe a hat and sunscreen, temeperature can rise to 30-35 graderduring the day.
- Toilerties
- Certifications card, logbook
- Some cash for beer and drinks, only after last dive every day.

If you are certified with PADI or SSI and didnt bring your card, then we can check it online when you arrive. We ahve logbooks for sale as well as divecomputers and digital cameras for rent onboard the M/V Manta Queen. We also have complete Medic First Aid kit and 100% Oxygen onboard, so you dont hve to worry about seasickness, bad stomach, bandaids or other small medical problems.
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Similan Islands Liveaboard diving with M/V Harmony | Liveaboard scuba diving Safaris in Thailand

Prices for 4 days/4 nights liveaboard safari on M/V Manta Queen I & II

Liveaboard Safari - 2 days Similan Islands, 1 day Koh Bon/Koh Tachai, 1 day Richelieu Rock - 14 dives total!*

A/C 4 person cabin: 19.500 Baht (Twin Cabin 2,500 THB extra pp)

Included in price:

- Professional PADI instructor/guide
- 11 day dives and 3 night/sunset dives; Total 14 dives.
- All meals, snacks, fruit, water, the, coffee.
- Small groups: Max 4 divers per 1 guide.
- Pickup from your hotel in Phuket or Khao Lak
- Similan & Surin Marine National Park fees
- Full diving equipment

NOT included in the price:

- Alcohol and softdrinks
- Nitrox: 2000 Baht for whole trip
- Rental of diving computer for full trip(recommended): 1000 Baht.
- Rental of digital underwater camera: 1.200 Baht pr day or 3.000 Baht for full trip.

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PADI scuba diving courses on Similan Liveboard
Open Water Diver, 3 days: 6.500 Baht incl book and certifiation
Advanced Open Water Diver, 2 days : 6.500 Baht incl book and certification.
NITROX Diver, 1 day: :6.500 Baht incl book, certification and 2 Nitrox dives.
Digital Underwater Photographer, 1 days: 6.500 Baht incl book and certification. (excl. camera rental, 1.000 baht)
Deep Diver - 40 meters, 2 day: 6.500 Baht incl book and certification..

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