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Danske PADI-SSI dykkerkurser på Similan Islands Liveaboard og Koh Tao Thailand | Din Danske PADI/SSI dykkerinstruktør Søren Egeberg

Your PADI/SSI Scubadiving Instructors: Soren Egeberg & Signe Sorber

Soren Egeberg
is a PADI MSDT and SSI AOWI Instructor and professional unde water photographer. He has many years of experience in guiding and teaching dive courses as well as underwater video/ photo from both liveaboards and land based destinations such as The Red Sea, Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia and The Philippines. He has thousands of dives and a well founded experience in all aspects of diving. He will guide you safely into the adventures of the underwater world.

Signe Sorber is a PADI IDC Staff Instructor and SSI AOWI Instructor with several years of experience in guiding and teaching in Asia. Having had many years in the business, Signe’s enthusiasm for diving and teaching is still very high. She is experienced in teaching all levels of diving, from Junior to Instructor and it is within teaching that her primary passion lies.

Danske PADI-SSI dykkerkurser på Similan Islands Liveaboard og Koh Tao Thailand | Din Danske PADI/SSI dykkerinstruktør Søren Egeberg

About Soren Egeberg

Several seasons in Borneo in the deep blue sea around the islands Sipidan and Mabul has given Soren many magnificent experiences such as close encounters with shoals of Hammerheads, Manta Rays, whale sharks and the rare Blue Ring Octopus, Ornate Ghost Pipefish not to mention the hypnotic Flamboyant Cuttlefish. He finds great satisfaction in filming not only the pelagic species but also in spotting rare tiny well camouflaged species that are hiding on the reef and in the sandy bottom - and of course shooting them…

Soren is as much as home in Borneo with steep walls, drop-offs and strong currents as when he has his nose almost buried in Bali’s black sand in search of little critters, as he is when he is teaching his PADI Open Water students new skills in the pool or the beautiful teaching friendly dive sites around Koh Tao and Similan Islands.

Originally Soren is from Denmark, but he has lived abroad since the beginning of his dive carrier. He is 100% dedicated to the sea and all the amazing experiences that his close connection to the underwater world, keeps giving him.

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Soren Egbergs Blue Logbook

Name: Soren Egeberg
Nationality: Danish Languages: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, English.
PADI-Rating: Master Scuba Diver Trainer SSI-Rating: Adv. Open Water Instructor Specialties: Deep, Wreck, DPV, Nitrox, UW Videography, Digital UW Photography, Navigation, Night, Driftdiver, Search & Recovery
Number of dives: 3000+
Certified Students: 600+

Danske PADI-SSI dykkerkurser på Similan Islands Liveaboard og Koh Tao Thailand | Din Danske PADI/SSI dykkerinstruktør Søren Egeberg
Foto: UW Selvportræt på safetystop i Similan Islands

>> Soren's background as a professional adventure Photographer and writer for Danish and international Magazines as I Form, Mens Health, Illustreret Videnskab, Euroman, M!, Sirene and Vagabond, has brought him several times around the globe on different assignments. Therefore it was easy for Soren to adapt to the diving life style. It was just an obvious continuation of the adventures in nature.

>>The next natural step was digital underwater video-photo. His experience in this field is of great benefit to his photo/Videography students of all levels. He will teach you recoding techniques with compact cameras and SLR, advanced photo editing in Photo shop as well as photo and video editing in Final Cut Pro.

>> As a professional Under water photographer he takes great pleasure in finding and shooting the rare fish and critters from the perfect angle. He often participates and has won International UW-photo competitions.

>> Before his transition to full time diving, Soren was heavily engaged in extreme mountain sports such as skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, mountain climbing and has completed several ski/snowboarding expeditions in the blab la mountains of Alaska, Greenland, Himalayas, the Andes and the European Alps.

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About Signe Sorber

Sharing this amazing adventure with her students and create a safe and educational environment is her main goal. It is important that her students get a solid knowledge and are familiar with all aspects of safety, but also that they are having fun in a relaxed atmosphere. Signe is very focused on helping the students to achieve good buoyancy control. Good buoyancy control improves the student’s confidence, dive time, level of independence and importantly it protects The Underwater World!
The blue part of our planet is treasured by all self respecting divers and Signe is very aware of what we can do to help protect endangered species such as sharks*.
She loves searching for pipe fish, seahorses, octopus, turtles, bull sharks and a lot of other interesting creatures on her Underwater Adventures.
Signe feels completely at home wherever there is good diving. She dives Indonesia, Philippines, East and West Thailand. She is equally happy teaching her international students in the swimming pool or right off the beaches of Koh Tao.
Signe is from Denmark, but she has lived in Asia – primarily Thailand – since 2006 when a dive holiday turned in to a permanent lifestyle change.

Signe Sorber Blue Logbog

Name: Signe Rigmor Sorber
Nationality: Danish
Languages: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English and quite a bit of thai
PADI-rating: IDC Staff Instructor
SSI-rating: Adv. Open Water Instructor Specialiteter: Deep, Wreck, DPV, Nitrox, Digital UW Photography, Navigation, Night, Driftdiver, Search & Recovery
Number of dives: 2000+
Certifications: 400+

Foto: Signe in Barracuda Lake, Coron - Philippines

>> Signe has a background as an artist, but before that, she faced many interesting challenges mainly in the Danish business world, even working in Ireland for a bit. With her energetic, enthusiastic and experimenting approach to life and work, she has always been blessed with great professinal opportunities and personal growth within her jobs.

>> Signe has had a broad variety of titles such as receptionist, Sales and Distribution Manager, PA, Store Manager, recruiter and artist in random order. She has had these positions in Advertising, retail, IT and the publishing industry to name a few.

>> Back in the day, while she was still living in Denmark, Signe became interested in, and started practicing yoga. Yoga is completely in line with scuba as a laid back relaxed attitude alpha omega for enjoyable diving.

>> Daily yoga is a must for Signe and she is very excited that she is going to India in April to study yoga in the best Sivananda School in the Himalayas. Afte trhe month long course Signe will be a certified yoga teacher. This means that there’s a good chance you’ll be able to book yoga classes in connection with your diving mid 2011,

It’s dangerous to get really good at diving, Signe says, before you know it, you are so hooked that you’ll sell everything you own, move to Asia and refuse to do anything else!

*(Watch Shark Water and The Cove (oh, and have Kleenex ready))

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